Saturday, November 13, 2010

Possible Commissions

Greetings Folks!

My first goal with Etsy was to place patterns up and then possible finished creations there as well. I haven't thought about commissions even though I see awesome crafting blogs offering it.

Well here's the deal in the case of my things here. If you like something created, please email me at and please put in the subject line: Commission!  and then tell me in the email about what you wish done. Payments will be made through paypal.

If I can do it then I will let you know and we can set things up from there. Keep in mind that I may have to turn down commissions due to Real life Commitments. I am Active Duty in the US Air Force with the potential of leaving (although will be bringing projects to keep me busy). I also got two boys in cub scouts so life can get busy. Usually a project from start to finish can take me about 3 or 4 days to complete one item, sometimes less.  Yes I am not that fast but when this is a skill that is my calming activity, you don't want to rush it :')

Allergy Warning:  I have cats and my roomate has a bunny. One Kitty loves to help with my yarn tension ..... alot. She's sitting calmly next to me as I am writing this so if you or the person you are gifting for has a cat allergy then you may need to look for another crafter to create the gift.

Thank you very much!

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