Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Turkey Curry

When it comes to feeding the masses for a Game Day, I find that I have several allergies to worry about and others who are trying to eat healthy. With this being holiday season, I found a really neat way to give your friends something good to eat and get rid of some leftovers.


1 brick of Golden Curry
(when I say one brick I mean half of this package pictured below)

2 Cups of chopped/ shredded turkey (can substitute for chicken)
I can of sliced pineapples (can substitute for chopped pineapple too)
1 box of bow tie pasta
2 cups milk

To create this, break the brick of Golden curry into smaller pieces and melt in a saucepan with the juice from your canned pineapple. Mix up well then add in the milk to the bunch. 
Next add your turkey to the sauce. Let this simmer on medium for a few minutes.
Chop the pineapples into small bite size pieces to add to the saucepan. If you cheated and grabbed a can of chopped pineapple then just add it to the sauce. Let all this simmer while you boil up the bowtie pasta.
Pour sauce over cooked noodles. Enjoy!   

Serves about 6 people but my kids pretty much ate it all. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Night Sky TARDIS Scarf

Happy Holidays Folks!
Yes, I understand I have not been about lately to post something cool and amazing in this blog. I was…uh…. In the TARDIS and doing a lot of traveling with different companions! I couldn’t figure the controls and I ended up back to posting in this blog 2 years later… yes…..yes that’s it!
To make up for the time loss, I am posting a work in progress that I wish for all you to create, make, and wear for the Dr Who Holiday Special.
The hard part about this scarf is the time consuming part of adding details. The main body is easily worked up in an evening but I must have spent a few hours single crocheting on top of the base scarf the black details and also whip stitching and weaving in the other sewn in details (like attaching the felt squares)

The Night Sky TARDIS Scarf


1 Skein of Red Heart BlackFleck
1 Skein of Red Heart Blue
1 Skein of Black yarn (for trim)
a yard of white yarn (for light)
4 White Felt Squares (3in by 1 3/4 in)
1 tapestry needle

This pattern is meant for someone who has a working knowledge of the basic stiches. There are great videos on Youtube and on for instructions.
We will be using the Following:
DC = Double Crochet
CH= Chain
SL= Slip stitch

Starting with Blue Yarn
CH  22
Row 1:   DC in CH 2nd from the hook. DC in each stitch across, CH 2, Turn
Rows 2 – 29: DC in each stitch across, CH 2, Turn
Row 30: DC in each stitch across, CH 3 in Fleck yarn, Turn (this is where we  do our color change)
Rows 31 – 89: DC in each stitch across, CH 3, Turn
Row 90: DC in each stitch across, CH 2 in blue yarn, Turn (this is where we  do our color change)
Row 91- 119: DC in each stitch across, CH 2, Turn
Row 120: DC in each stitch across, Bind off.

I used black yarn to outline the body of the TARDIS by single crocheting around the top of the TARDIS body. This is done by using the stitches on your TARDIS body as you would a foundation chain. I did this my eyesight so take your time and keep your stitches loose (not too tight) as you work your way around the crocheted piece.

The black bar at the top of the TARDIS where you normally see the “Police Box” sign I weaved black yarn through the stitches with a tapestry needle. It took about 4 rows woven in and out of the yarn to make what seemed like a satisfying black bar for here.

My White Felt squares for the windows I cut 4 approx 3 inches by  1 and 3/4 inches
I sewed them into place once again with a Tapestry needle. This may take some elbow juice on your part doing so since the felt is a little tough…..well…. it’s probably because I also used some Fabric glue and lightly glued them in place so they wouldn’t move on me later when sewing them in place :’)

The door panels I outlined with black yard using a tapestry needle once more.

The light on top of the scarf is done with scrap white yarn and blue yarn. Use a tapestry needle to weave your yarn in and out of the crocheted piece to create the light. Optionally, you can replace the sewing of the light and glue in a felt blue and white piece to the top. Whatever works best for you.

This is my rendition of the TARDIS, Whats yours? 

This pattern is copyright Tattiana Talahandra December 2012 and can be used to create gifts for your friends and family. Please do not sell creations from this pattern without author’s permission. Really folks, I am a nice lady but there are people out there that like stealing other peoples works and calling it their own. Please site credits back to this blog or Tattiana Talahandra.

Dr. Who and the mention of TARDIS in this pattern is copyrighted to BBC and its creators: Sydney Newman, C.E. Webber and Donald Wilson.  I hope this serves as free advertising so they make money off all those viewers soon to be watching the latest Holiday Special.