Monday, November 8, 2010

GIR Scarf Pattern

GIR Scarf
By Tattiana Talahandra  -  November 2010 (see copyright below)

SL= Slip Stitch
SC= Single Crochet
DC= Double Crochet

Difficulty Level is EASY
For this pattern you will need basic knowledge in Crocheting.  In this pattern you will be working in rounds. Creating a Ring with DC (double crochet) stitches.  For more information, I found websites like  and youtube a big help.

Skeins of worst weight yarn in Green, White, and Black .  I used Caron’s Simply Soft in Limelight, White, and Black....its sooo soft and I love the muted sheen.  You will also need a small scrap of red for the tongue.
Hook size  I/9 and G/6
stitch markers

This scarf was inspired by Gir from the Nickelodeon TV series "Invader Zim". He is a SIR robot that disguises himself as a Green Dog to fool the humans.  

Create Basic Scarf
 Use  I/9 hook and green yarn

1.        1. Chain 20
2.       2. SC 19 stitches into the chain, Ch 1 then turn
3.        3. Repeat step 2 until the scarf is as long as you need.  A good rule of thumb is make the scarf as long as the  person it is intended for. 
4.       4. Once it is at the length you desire. Finish off.
5.        5. (optional)  you can add a single row of 19 SC stitches to each end of the scarf with black yarn .
6.       6. Add a nice decorative black stitch (basic sewing stitch) down the center of the Scarf using a yarn needle and some black yarn. See picture below.  To know where I was stitching, I marked every so often where I needed to go with plastic stitch markers.  You can use a fabric washable marker or safety pins but use something to help mark your path for stitching.  

I used small plastic stitch markers to keep my stitches straight

Ears:  (make 2)
     Use black Yarn and a size I/9 hook
     Chain 6
     SC across (5 stitches ). Finish off

Eyes:  (make 2)
     Use G/6 Hook and white yarn
     1. Chain 3, SL to join
     2. DC  10 in the ring, SL to join
     3. 2 DC in each stitch. Around.   SL to Join (20 stitches)
     4. Take some black string and knot the end twice like in the picture. Pull the loose ends through the center of the white eye and secure.

Red Tongue:
    Use some scrap red yarn and a size G/6 hook
    Chain 4
    SC  across (4 stitches), finish Off

Assemble Time!
Get out your yarn needle!!
Stitch on the eyes as shown.
The tongue I placed a little lop sided from the center to give him a more comical look, just like in most of his pictures.
Don't forget to give it a cute black nose!  Just embroider in a Triangular stitch between and slightly below the eyes.

This crochet pattern is copyright of Tattiana Talahandra (November 2010). DO NOT reprint this pattern, or post it on any other website. You may make a copy of this pattern for your own personal use, but do not include it in any collections, website, or cds. You are welcome to link to this pattern and if you post your own pictures of what you create, please credit accordingly and include a link to this original pattern.