Tuesday, November 2, 2010

GIR Beanie!

Yes folks I created another beanie pattern. This time it was for a friend who loves GIR from Invader Zim on Nickelodeon.

I am liking the idea of creating hats and things people would have fun wearing. Wacky but EASY things to create. The reason why I started so late in learning to crochet was due to my mindset. I had no motivation to create doilies, baby booties or afghans.  I was inspired by the amigurumi movement. I loved the idea of making people smile with small toys or a funny hat. Now  I have alot of ideas in my head that have to be shaped by the yarn.

The holiday season is upon us. Soo many things to create. Sooo little time.  This pattern I have listed on Etsy and I will be adding a GIR scarf to this blog soon.  Keep checking back for more details and thank you for reading!

This interested in this hat pattern please check out  my Etsy store


  1. Tattiana -- I would like to purchase the GIR tougue and the GIR Scarf. I do not know how to Crochet but I want to get this for my friend for xmas. PLEASE email me at jonah_hawkins2000@yahoo.com if you can help me with this for an xmas gift. I will pay you very well! :) -- Hope to hear from you very soon!

  2. Wow..... first time someone asked me to do some sort of commission :') Sure I would love to help you out! I will be sending you an email in just a sec.