Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Moved!

Good Evening All

I am still alive. I haven't forgotten about you all. In the past month alot of crazy things have happened to me here. Due to some relationship changes, my sons and I have moved.  We been spending the past few weeks packing and unpacking boxes. I have found most of my craft things and I am playing once again with my yarn.  Its amazing what comfort you can get with a hook and something long and fuzzy :')

I have a few ideas milling about in my head but I am not sure exactly when I will be implementing them for here. For now I may be creating and putting a few finished creations up on Etsy. I will keep you posted when that happens. Also I will be heading to Mississippi for 7 weeks for some military training. Since I will be away from my boys, I will be seeking much comfort from my crochet projects. It will be my sanity away from home.

Anyway, from the wintery heartland of America, I wish you all the best in your projects. Keep warm!  Its snowing like crazy here.

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