Sunday, December 5, 2010

Simple Pretty Face Cloth

(Copyright Tattiana Talahandra December 2010--  see note below pattern  )

Here is something I made to help in the bath. I love to place a warm washcloth on my face but hate not being able to breath. With this cloth the Double crochet stitches in the middle will help solve that problem. This is also a great gift idea to make that's really quick.  I can get one done while watching a movie.

1 ball Sugar'N Cream  100% Cotton Yarn in Light Blue and Hot Purple (or pick your favorite color)
Scrap White yarn
Size H/8 Hook
Yarn Needle

Chain 35
 Row 1 - 12: Single Crochet in each stitch across, Chain 1 then turn (repeat this step until row 13)
Row 13:  Double Crochet in each stitch, Chain 2 then turn
Row 14:  Double Crochet in each stitch, Chain 1 then turn
Row 15 - 27: Single Crochet in each stitch, Chain  then turn (repeat this step up to and including row 27)
Finish off

To create a finishing touch use some white yarn or a complementary color of your choice to single crochet around the edges.
I added an embroidered butterfly on one side  to give it character. Up to you what you wish to do :')

(This crochet pattern is copyright of Tattiana Talahandra (December 2010). DO NOT reprint this pattern, or post it on any other website. You may make a copy of this pattern for your own personal use, but do not include it in any collections, website, or cds. You are welcome to link to this pattern and if you post your own pictures of what you create, please credit accordingly and include a link to this original pattern. )

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