Friday, August 20, 2010

Make Your Own Flavored Soda

This is an Easy project but you must be a person of patience. Due to the high pressure of the Soda, you will need to take your time with this.

Want a Flavor of Soda that no one at your next get together has? Try this!!

Take a 2 liter bottle of Generic Ginger Ale. Open up the bottle and add 4 tea bags of a fruity green tea or black tea. Celestial Seasonings brand tea has soo many fruity combinations like Strawberry Kiwi or Blueberry Green Tea.

Close the Bottle and wait for about 30 to 45 minutes.... IF you try to mix it, do it by GENTLY tilting the bottle back and forth.....slowly! Do not try to open and mix with a stick......bad idea!

Why? cause the carbonation is highly reactive! If you want a nice soda fountain in your kitchen then be my guest :')

After the 30 - 45 minutes, very carefully open the cap to relieve some pressure. Be prepared to vent this bottle for about 10 to 20 minutes this way but once the fizzing stops making its way up the neck of the bottle, then its ok to start removing the tea bags. I found chop sticks are a great way to remove the bags.

After that just chill and enjoy!

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