Thursday, October 22, 2015

Homework Savior!

Something many probably don't know about me is that this Gamer Girl is more a Gamer Mom. I admit that my gaming time is severely degraded as parenting takes over. When you have a child with special needs like Autism, its even more time dedicated to their wellbeing and less time button smashing on some classic console hits.

Middle school is tough. For both of my boys, there is a lot that changes, more work relying on them to do and less time to absorb it. This was troubling for my autistic child who found himself switched from a regular math class to algebra. He came home and had a meltdown over the fact his classmates had 2 months of work ahead of him and he had to catch up to be ready for upcoming tests.  I am trying hard to keep my cool as the tantrums came over the study worksheet of items he had little exposure to. I suck at all forms of math which was not going to help. He is relying on me, his mother, to help him in this moment of crisis. What would solve this for us?  I turned to the internet since he love videos. He is a visual learner.

I found Khan Academy and it was like the gates of heaven opened up and the Angels greeted us. We typed in the algebra definitions from his studysheet and we were amazed at the videos that popped up. The guy who was showing the lesson wrote in various colors on a blackboard that made us focus in on this information. It didn't deter 2 natural squirrels from the screen. I like this mystery guy.

I was relearning the lessons alongside my son who was staring in awe at the video. You could see the light pop on in his head. It looked like he was about to have a purple cloud of POOF as his mind was blown by this new learning aide!

Thank you Khan Academy, thank you for making this easy on both of us.

My other son was studying for Science on Mitosis. We found videos on that to accompany his studysheets. A friend of mine on facebook said her 7yr old son lives on Khan Academy, it has videos he can understand and he is zipping through right into the stuff he will learn in school probably 4 years from now.   This site is amazing!  

best part?     ITS FREE!!!  

If it can keep a ADHD squirrel Mom's attention, and autistic hormonal teen, and a super brain elementary child busy, it will do wonders for you. Any age, Any subject.

go check it out on your computer or your handheld devices.

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