Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Heroes of Cosplay??? More like Drama Divas of Cosplay

What has happened to our lovely world of creativity?

I am sorely disappointed tonight with the season finale of "Heroes of Cosplay" on SyFy. I watched in hopes that I can see my friends who went to Planet Comicon and perhaps catch a glimpse of their beautiful talent on a network TV. What I seen and what has hit home with friends makes me want to smack someone into sensibility.

When you become famous, shouldn't you remember your roots? Yeah I'm sure with a team of experts at your side, TV cameras in tow, your vision may be askew-ed by the lights in your eyes but has your manners and upbringing gone away?? Didn't your parents teach you better?  You may be the master but there are many padiwans about that would like to be inspired by you, not scoffed aside as you wander through. I had at least 3 friends snuffed by the entourage of these "Heroes", one was pushed out of the way by these people as if common trash. Did they know they just snuffed some of our most creative props designers in Omaha!!

For another thing, this show is being portrayed in the wrong way! Most of us create months in advance our costumes, not this Fedexed last minute bull you see on this show. Also, having local talents edited to paint a scathing picture just for drama's sake is completely uncool.

I encourage all of you to follow the posted link to a lady that was seen in the finale as the"villain". A female Dr Who character that was having some choice words with the "Heroes" backstage. There are two sides to each story and hers is far different from what was aired on the show.


I am hoping this season finale is the series finale. SyFy is feeding itself too much on recreated dramas instead of reality. You know things were starting to go downhill when they started airing Wrestling as part of their lineup. If you are going for drama folks..... why not bring back something more wholesome and worthwhile to watch....like Firefly :')   (yes yes I know it can't be brought back but hey we can hope)

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