Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Day in the Life of AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Good Afternoon Folks

Please don't flog me yet (unless its made of yarn). My computer equipment was recently under 6 inches of water and I am finally making my way back onto the internet.

Good News?   All my yarn stashes were exempt from the muddy fingers of my basement flood. For once my attempts of organization pad off in my craft room so the things on the floor were minimal when the waters came in. My yarn was neatly tucked away by colors in their respective file boxes in a closet.

During my downtime, its come to my attention that my quiet blog gained followers from the recent influx of BBC viewers. I guess there are more like minded crochet people out there wanting geeky things made. HOORAY for US!!

Since certain hobbies of mine were taken away with the flood, its time to focus on the important things like crochet projects and things we need for the holidays. What this means for you lucky viewers is more patterns will be added to this site soon.  We need things that you can whip up in a pinch for people! I want people coming here to feel like they can create just about anything. You do not have to be fancy to make something memorable for your kids. I wrote down a few ideas on paper and crafted some things but I need to get the drafted works up here for you to read.  Crochet projects and a plastic canvas project I would love to see if you all can make something with.  I will still focus on gaming, geeky, and nerdy chic fun.

So stay tuned for more antics.

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